Review: Wireless Bluetooth Controller

Mobile gaming is increasing day on day and there are many companies releasing gaming accessories for your smartphone and tablet. We have been having a look at one from iPega which works with both iOS and Android devices. The device connects using Bluetooth to your device and is really simple to connect. Just press home and one of the lettered buttons to connect using the playing mode you wish to use.
Once connected the device will allow you to play your games without using your screen. Please note that not all games work with the device, one of the best games we found was GT Racing 2 with no problems navigating the menus and in game play.
Build quality is something we care about and with a touch plastic body we are more than pleased with the controller. It is not the same build quality as the xbox one controller but you are getting a great product for the price. A slide out adjustable phone grip allows you to attach your phone straight to it. It grips nicely and we have not had any slipping unlike some other similar priced controllers.
All the buttons are made of a high quality transparent plastic which have not worn or broken.

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Review: 2013 13 Inch Macbook Air

Many people know I am an Apple fan. I especially love the mac range which I have owned many models. The 2013 11 Inch Macbook Air is my favourite small notebook which i use for travelling but i wanted a little more than that. I needed a bit more power and a larger display to do my work while travelling. The 2013 Retina Macbook Pros are great but are a little heavy and I find that I do not get good battery life out of them, so I purchased the 13 Inch Macbook Air.
This is the best light, thin and powerful notebook I have ever tested. A 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 Haswell processor and 4GB of RAM provides more than enough power for developing apps and doing the occasional CAD design. Intel HD 5000 graphics provides more than enough processing power to run everything I need to and even play the occasional game.
While I was looking for power I also wanted something that looks great (All Apple Products look great), is light and has all the connections I need. The Macbook has all of this in one. I have been using this machine for work and travelling to events and talks and have had no issues with it. This is one of the best Macbooks I have owned and it fantastic value for money. If you are in line for a new Notebook and do not want huge amounts of performance and high res screen this is perfect for you.

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Review: Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker

Mobile speakers are one of the best small christmas gifts. We have found one of the most unique speakers out there. The Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker is a Induction speaker which when you place your phone/tablet on the top in the correct position will amplify the sound.

Sonivo has created a very good sounding speaker which can also run of a 3.5mm jack which is supplied. The speaker uses a usb charger to charge the internal battery which will give you hours of music playback. On the front you will find two stereo speakers which take the output of your phone’s speaker(s) and then amplifies it for you.
There is no WiFi, bluetooth or any other connection which means it will work with most devices. We tested the device with many of our favourite devices like the iPhone 5s which produces the best sound, the HTC One had one issue, we had to place the device screen down because the speakers are on the front of the phone. Below is our test of the speaker using an iPad Mini using one of the most watched Youtube videos in our office.


The sound quality is fantastic, our video does have an echo, this is because we have an echoy office but when using it outside or in your house it sounds great.

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Review: Spigen SGP Samsung S4 Case

Many people know that I am not a huge fan of the Samsung S4 because of the build quality and styling. I have struggled to find a good case that is made well, looks great and has a reasonable price. Spigen produce some fantastic cases and their latest model for the Samsung S4 is one of the best.
The case comprises of a rubber like material with a soft touch. It also has a plastic band which houses the buttons for the phone which fits around the edge of the rubber shell. This combination makes the phone look and feel so much better.
Access to buttons is key with any case and the Spigen has great access by including the buttons in to the case this makes for much nicer design.
Protection is fantastic, we have broken many S4s but after drop testing we have found this case to be tough, it is not going to be the same as some other cases but for it’s design and price it is fantastic.

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Review: Snap Remote

With the holiday season coming up, everyone takes photos, we wanted to find a product which would allow you to use your smartphone or tablet and take group shots with everyone in it. Well we have found it. The Snap Remote. This little device allows you to take photos wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. The device is about the size of you thumb and can be attached to your keys for when you need it.
The product is really nicely packaged and comes with a small amount of information and a sticker. We love the simplicity of the packaging. Once you get the product out the box you really understand how simple this product is, with only two buttons, an LED and a removable stand. We however found one problem with the stand, it does not support an iPad Mini. It is fine on an iPhone but when we tried the iPad it fell straight on it’s back. But we can work with that, it is only a small plastic stand.
You will need to do load an app to get this working but once kit is there you are ready to go. One feature we found that we could install the app on multiple devices and it would trigger them at the same time. So we got everyone’s iPhone, and iPad’s and tried to recreate bullet time. It was fantastic to hear all the shutters go off at once but some of cameras didn’t focus correctly.
The app does have some limitations like no manual control and no effects but we don’t putting effects on our images it makes them look worse. But once you get round this and the price of the device at only £15 it is well worth the money.
This is perfect for when you want to take photos at your Christmas parties or just of the family.

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Review: Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooh Speaker and Dock

We love wireless speakers. Airplay is one of the best ways to stream music without wires. But Airplay speakers are quite expensive, but bluetooth speakers are usually cheaper. You still get the same or even better sound quality too. We have come across the Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock.

The build quality is fantastic for the price. The plastic shell does not feel cheap and it is quite tough. Across the front is a fabric mesh to protect the speakers which makes for a really nice seamless finish. One flaw with the design we found was the dock. While you don’t expect 100% perfect product for £30 you would expect a better quality stand. There is plenty of weight to it and it does adjust to the thickness of the device you are using but you are meant to be able to feed your charger lead but we struggled to get a 30 pin connector to fit. Also when you do manage to get it to stay in place some devices such as the iPad Mini rest on the charger with no support from the dock which is of a concern to us.

Once you get past the issue with the dock you find you have one of the best speakers you could buy for £30. The sound quality was something we were taken back by. The speaker produces a very rich sound which we are comparing to a £150 Airplay speaker which we also use in the office. Check out the sound quality in our video below.

We were amazed by this speaker and we have not encountered any issues and we have been using for everything from phone calls to just listening to music and we are more than happy with it.

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Review: Cygnett Workmate Protective Case

We are fans of the iPad Mini but we have dropped a few. We have always wanted to get heavy duty protective cases for them but everyone of them were expensive and not that good. Until we stumbled across the Workmate from Cygnett.

ipad mini case

Made from high quality rubber and plastic this case looks and feels greats in the hand. One feature among other protective cases we do not like is the buttons. Most cases have either gaps or really hard to press but Cygnett have really out performed with this case. The buttons are large and chunky and work great with work gloves on. They also make the design stand out more.
ipad mini case

The speakers, Lightning connector and earphone port all have great access and the speakers still sound awesome.
ipad mini case

Cygnett have also worked really hard on the interior of the case with a very basic pattern which many companies do not think of this. Over all this is one of the best iPad Mini Cases you can buy at the moment. Check out Amazon for a fantastic deal.

Also remember we also have our well known, best selling Honey Comb iPad Mini Case currently on Sale.

ipad mini case

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Review: TP-LINK 500 Mbps Powerline Adapter – Twin Pack

We have found one of favourite networking products of the year. Power line adapters have been around for a while now and they have been getting better, but we have not found a set that are small and provide good speed and stability. We found the TP Link 500MBPs Nano Power Line adapters. They are very small and compact and they look great. The build quality is also fantastic.


Comprised from high quality plastic these plugs seem very tough compared to the other plugs we have tried.


We also really love the simplicity of set up. One set we tried about 2 years required you to press the buttons on both plugs within a given time and they would not always connect up properly. These you simply plug them in to the wall and your broadband connection and the other to your pc. They automatically connect and are up and running in seconds rather than minutes.

We have not run in to any issues with these and for 1 week to placed these between our internet connection and our network and never experienced down time. We trusted these adapters so much our backup database server was running through these and the site has not seen any down time due to these. We are thrilled with these and they are one of the best products for the price. If you would like a set head over to Amazon where they are on a great deal.

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Review: Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate

I have always had an interest in wireless charging but I have never seen me using it. We have reviewed Nokia’s Wireless charging pillow and it wasn’t that good for the price. But we have been reviewing the Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate. Which is one of the best wireless charging kits we have ever reviewed. We tested this charger with the Samsung S4. We had to add on a small card to the inside of the phone to make it work but once we had done that it was a matter of just placing it on the plate and charging the phone.

We have been using the plate for a week now and we have not found any major issues. However on issue we found was the LED indicator at the top of the plate. It is a little too bright for us, but you do get use to it. The build quality is good, it is comprised of a strong matt and gloss plastic shell with the Qi logo printed on the top. While it is simple design it does it’s job perfectly.

Wireless Charging

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App Review: Downhill Supreme

I love testing Snee apps and once on a while a new app comes along that I find addictive. Downhill. Supreme is a bike game designed for iOS and Android. On both platforms this game plays really well and can be addictive. The is a couple of flaws such as the physics used in the game. They are not realistic and feel clumsy. The graphics are good but the actual game playing graphics are not that pleasing. But considering it is only the first version they have done good.
I love that they have used real bike parts in the game that has made it stand out from the rest of these games (and there are a lot of them). One feature that caught my eye was the bike builder. This allows you to build your own bike from a selection of parts and then this bike is usable in the game and brings something else most of the competition do not have.
We test hundreds of new apps every month and this is the only one in that time that has caught my eye, but they really need to get some of the problems fixed and include more levels and make some that are a title more tricky to play to keep the user interested and using the app.

I give this app 4 out of 5 for great menu graphics, ideas and features but lacking in gameplay and amount of content.

You can down load the app from the App Store and the Google Play Store now.


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