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What We Do

Welcome To Gromfrog, A Digital Marketing Agency For The 21st Century.

Today, being in business is all about the moment – and how you can grab that moment with compelling content that’ll bring your audience instant gratification. As more and more of our lives migrate into cyberspace, you need to know how to attract and keep your customers, and, at the same time, beat the competition. This is where we come in.

Gromfrog has extensive experience in all things internet-related, especially in the world of web design and digital marketing. We've been building new sites for many years now, helping clients to increase their web traffic and optimising their sites to drive conversions. Our content marketing services are part of a multi-tiered approach to achieving these goals, which focus on creating or sharing material that's not purely sales-oriented. Let’s look at what this means in practice.

We have teamed up with WordHound, who have written lots of our content. They can help you with written content while we help you with you the planning, management and outreach.

How We Do It?

How do we help you grow through content?



Audits are key. We find all the good, bad and ugly parts of your content marketing and see how we can improve them.



Planning is key to ensuring success with content marketing. We will write detailed plans on how we will grow your site.



We always provide transparent reporting so you know what is working, what is not working and everything we are planning.

Proven Track Record

We have helped many brands grow. Just check out our Rowse Case Study

Fully Transparent

We love data and we love to share it with you. We ensure that you know what is happening to your brand at all times.

Our Customer Love Us

Our customers stay with us and keep seeing results.

Why Choose Gromfrog?

Gromfrog is led by Ryan King, a child internet prodigy who's been working for many years in content marketing. His skills have netted our customers millions of organic visitors to their websites. Gromfrog has a proven track record in the South West, and can now offer content marketing services to clients worldwide.


Increase In Traffic


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Find out how we got these results with our Rowse Case Study

Want To See Results Like This?

Let's have a chat about your business, goals and expectations.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is not exclusively digital. In decades gone by, it would take the form of magazines, radio or TV shows, or other physical media. A frequently used example is the production of comic book titles, or blockbuster movies, that feature an action figure or toy. This kind of marketing is designed to create a story around that toy, so that, eventually, people want to buy it for themselves. After all, who would ever have expected to go and see a movie about Lego? But kids love Lego. Kids want to go and see a movie featuring Lego, and – yes, you've got it – kids then want more Lego, like the stuff they saw in the movie.

Rather than just being a commercial, a movie tells people an exciting story. Today's content marketing tends to focus almost entirely on online materials like blogs, videos and social media posts. It doesn't get in your face to say, “Buy this!” but instead, aims to bring the brand to mind while customers are reading or watching a clip. Many companies post daily on social media to increase their customer awareness, and successful social media accounts manage to engage people consistently.

Content marketing services help tell stories, as part of a digital strategy that results in sales. First and foremost, you need to come up with an original and engaging idea. Gromfrog can help you with that, working with you to figure out how your content can best showcase your product. We can write original content for you, produce audio and visual media, and arrange for the publication of your marketing materials. We'll also help you plan the timing and distribution of your content, and show you how to measure its success.