Review: The New iPad

Well it has been just over a week now that The New iPad (lets just call it iPad 3) and finally we have finished reviewing the “iPad 3″. You may be asking, Why has it taken you so long to do a review?, well the person who lent their device to us did not receive their device until last Monday and they only lent it to us for Thursday and Friday. Since then we have been busy working on some new ideas and we have just had the time to write our review.

So lets begin. Starting with the new Retina display. The new display is fantastic, we loaded up images, our site and video and had a good look and we could not see the pixels like you could on the previous versions of the device. We looked under a magnifying glass and you can make out some of the pixels. We tested it along side the two previous versions and we noticed a huge difference.

We only tested the wifi version so we cannot comment on the 4G capabilities, but we have heard that bills can be very high and not always available, we are hoping to test this once we can get hold of a 4G version.

We tested the built in cameras and the rear camera has a good quality but you do notice some noise and the front camera looks alright too.

The performance of the device is fantastic you cannot beat it. The new processor it amazing and really makes everything work fine. There is no lagging in intensive games no drop in performance after using it for a long time and having loads of apps open at the same time.

We really do like the device and we all really want one but it means saving money especially in these hard times. We were hoping to find someone who would let us take pictures or even video of us using their new “iPad 3″ which is a shame but we really did like using the device.

Most people have complained of the device being a little hotter. We noticed that but it is not that much warmer.

The only problem we had with the device was the dictation. It really struggled with out name Gromfrog Media, it typed it out as “dom fog media” which is not that good and it really struggled with one of our team (guess what he is Scottish). But other than that is is a a really good device.

We would give the “iPad 3″ a maximum 5 out of 5 for being the almost ultimate device.

Tell us what you think of The New iPad “iPad 3″ by leaving a comment below or pop us a tweet on @Gromfrog

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Review: Angry Birds Space

Rovio Studios yesterday launched their latest game Angry Birds Space and everyone at Gromfrog Media has been playing the game endlessly. We all have been playing the game that much we have all completed all of the levels on most of the platforms.

We have bought it for; Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac. We have not found that any problems with the game on any of the platforms.

What are the Graphics like?

The Graphics are amazing! The detail on the game really brings the birds and pigs to life.

What do you think of the physics?

We are all used to the standard Angry Birds with it’s real world physics and with this new version the physics really creates a totally different gaming experience.

Is the performance any good?

We have tried it on a variety of  devices including low end Android Tablets and phones all the way through to a high end iMac and The New iPad and we have not found any problems with it, it works like a dream.

Overall we think this is an amazing game and we would recommend it to anyone. The game has been climbing up the charts and we expect it will be at the top of most of the charts by the end of the weekend. We are just waiting for the developers to bring out more levels so we can play some more. There are plenty of levels in the game for the first version but we hope that more levels come along soon.

Below is video of us playing the game on one of our PC’s

Rovio today have been promoting the game in Seattle and we think this is the best way to advertise a game.

This is the Space Needle in Seattle being used a slingshot for the latest game. (Image from Angry Birds on Facebook)

We want to know what you think. Tell us below or pop us a tweet on @Gromfrog.

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Review: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

We have been playing with the public beta of Adobe’s popular image editing software. I have been using Photoshop since 2007 from CS4 through to CS5.1 and now I am on CS6. The file took around 10 minutes to download and to install the software took around 15 minutes, this was surprisingly fast compared to previous versions. CS6 has an all new UI design and 65 new features. A simplistic black interface makes Photoshop look more sophisticated and it is alot easier on the eyes in darker conditions. I do like this new UI design as I do most of my design work in the evenings in the dark and CS5 would hurt my eyes after a while and I would have to have a break and put on my glasses, but with this new design I have not yet had to do this.

We have also noticed a performance change in the new version. We had an image we took on a Hasselblad H4D – 40 with  40.0 MegaPixels (7304×5478 pixels) a couple weeks ago during a test and made a change in both versions of Photoshop (CS5.1 and CS6) and we noticed a change in the time it took to apply the change. We then saved the changed to a Jpeg from RAW and the times were amazing, in CS5.1 it took 21.2 seconds and in CS6 it took only 9.8 seconds. That is a big improvement. Just incase you were wondering what the specs of the machine we was using they are below:

4GB DDR3 RAM, i5 Processor,2x 2TB Harddrives and a 128GB SSD.

We were amazed at the speeds of the new version. There are loads of new features and we have also been trying them out but one which has stood out is the video editing capabilities that they have now incorporated. We tried it out and the image editing effects and tools we use work really well with video and the playback is smoother than Avid Media Composer (The one we use) on the above specs. We are really please with this version and cannot wait for it to come out. We only have one problem. The price, Photoshop has always been very high and has put people off buying the software, but will Adobe bring down the price to attract more people to the product.

What do you think of the new version? Tell us below by leaving a comment or pop us a Tweet on @Gromfrog

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Review: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

We have been using the developers preview of Windows 8 to develop apps and we really liked it even though there was a few bugs. But the Consumer Preview is a big improvement. Microsoft said that there is around 100,000 new features and we are really enjoying them. The Metro UI looks great but we have one big problem with the OS.

The design based on Windows Phone 7 is not exactly what we want from a PC. Yeah PC’s and Mobile devices will be combined but they need to keep the OS’s separate. But you can share data like iCloud but Microsoft should not merge their two operating systems.

The performance of the OS is great. We tested the OS on and high end PC running Windows 7 and XP, with i7, 3TB hard drive and 16gb of RAM. We used 4GB of Ram 1TB for storage. Running on this spec was really fast and had no errors. We only had problems when we first booted the OS when it could not recognise the Ethernet or WiFi connections.

We do like the OS and we will buy it when it comes out. But we won’t use it as our main OS we will continue to use XP and 7.

We give Windows 8 Consumer Preview 4/5. We want to know what you think of the OS. Pop us a tweet on @Gromfrog or leave a comment below.

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Review: Angry Birds on Facebook

Today Facebook launched Angry Birds for Facebook. In one word “Fantastic”. I have been playing the game all morning and it is best game on Facebook by far. I have got some great scores on the game and I am the only person playing the game on my whole friends list so as you can guess I am number one. The graphics are fantastic and look really great. The performance of the game is also the best I have seen on Facebook. The only issue I have had is the servers lost connection but that is expected if loads of people are playing the game. We really do recommend this to everyone that uses Facebook.

We rate this game 5/5. The Best Game on Facebook Ever

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Review: Letris 2 for iPhone

We received an email a month or so ago asking us if we would do a review on their latest iPhone game, Letris 2. We have been playing Letris 2 for around 1 1/2 months and we love it.
The game comes from Ivanovich Games.

Located in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, Ivanovich Games is a privately held company founded in 2009 by independent developer Ivan Cascales. With an focus on innovation, the company is dedicated exclusively to create and promote games for the iOS platform.

The aim of the game is based on Tetris the classic tile game and Boggle the classic word creation game.

Over the time we have been playing the game we have ha a lot of fun and really do like this game. We have been playing the games each night for the past month or so and we have found no problems with the game.  I have personally been finding the game hard as I find words and numbers one of the hardest thing as I am dyslexic. But the other people here at Gromfrog Media have had fun with the game. We love the design of the app and it is really easy to read the letters and it is really fast compared to similar games.

We have had some inspiration for interface design for one of our Android apps. We would like to give this app 5/5.


Well done Ivanovich Games for the great app keep it up.

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Review: Timeline Movie Maker

In one Word “FANTASTIC” It may have taken a while to create but the final product is fantastic. The site allows you to use all of your images, videos, status updates and stats and publish them in a video. I have just finished an published mine and I love it. What do you think of the Timeline Movie Maker. Tell us via Twitter @Gromfrog or leave a comment below.

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Review: Corona SDK (App Development)

Over the past 2 months I have been experimenting with the Corona SDK from Ansca. The SDK is jam packed with features and beats Unity3D (which I have been using for around a year). I really like the built in Physics engine as it is better than having to program one your self if you are using the Android SDK or the iOS SDK. The SDK uses the programming language LUA which I picked up really fast and is so simple to remmeber. The SDK allows you to create games and apps for the Android and iOS platform with just one set of code. Also you can build for the Nook and Kindle Fire Tablets. I have been experimenting with the SDK for 2 months and I have just started developing my 2 games on the SDK, they just may take a long time to develop as I only have around 2 hours a day to work on it. We will be doing a complete section on our site including work on our game and Tutorials. We will be starting the tutorials as soon as possible.

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Review: MagicScan Portable Scanner

This is a fantastic little device. The MagicScan Portable Scanner allows you to scan documents on the go. The device is just over 30cms in length and is very lightweight. My family bought one to use at work and when we go out and at consultations. I have scanned all sorts of documents from bills, bank statements, photographs and wallpaper. I have been using the scanner feature on my laser printer a for a long time but with the printer weighting around 20kg so it is not that portable. This is a great addition to our long list of portable tech. I would recomend this device to anyone as we only paid £35 plus postage on Ebay and we got a FREE 1GB micro SD but we have ordered a 4GB micro SD card as when we are on holiday we will not be able to copy over the files to a computer.

If you would like one here is the link to the product on Ebay.

We give this product a 5 out 5 for this amazing, simple and clever device.

Update: After buying 3 of these we have just bought this one to try out and it is just the same. If you buy this one from amazon you will help support us and we will be able to review more products.


If you would like to contact us about any products you would like us to review please do email me on

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App Review: #NewTwitter For iPhone


We have just downloaded the latest version of the #NewTwitter iPhone App and it is fantastic. The new interface design is the best we have seen and the speed of the new version is the best we have ever seen too. We are waiting for Twitter to roll out the #NewTwitter site out to us so we can test it. We love the new app and it works really well and it is the best thing that Twitter have realised since Twitter. We want to know what you think of the new app and site by leaving a reply below or popping us a tweet on @Gromfrog.


Have Fun.

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